Application Description:
Celebrate your holidays with our new App, VuEventPro.


VuEventPro will make your specially marked holidays 
- Christmas, New Year's day, St. Valentine's Day and you name it __ 
much more fun and exciting.

Enjoy and treasure special days together 
with special people around you!


You can choose to decorate a DIY Christmas tree 
with specially created ornaments,

listen to your favorite and atmospheric BGM,

take a picture of your favorite scene / people 
or unforgettable moments

and do a mini composite image edit.


VuEventPro offers several features to choose from,

1.     “Tinkle Sprinkle Ornaments“ 
for decorating your Christmas Tree

2.     3 seasonal BGM perfect fit for your special day.

3.     “Camera Action” and create composite photos with ease.

Images taken by VuEventPro can be saved into your photo album, 
posted on Facebook, or emailed to your friends and family.


Please note: This App requires device with camera function.  

We appreciate all of your reviews.

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Music credits: / / 
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4th Generation 
and iPad2
Requires iOS 5 Software Update