Application Description:
Christmas Clock A

Playrun Co. presents a specially tailored clock application in this holiday 
This user friendly - Christmas Clock A - will magically fill your 
iPhone/iPod Touch with holiday spirit! 

From the individually relocatable ornaments  
to the best loved Christmas Carols as an alarm and background music, 
Christmas Clock A will instantly upgrade your iPhone/iPod Touch.

There are multiple options; 
to change BG-image with various different colors and photos from your photo 
to show/hide seconds, clockticking sound, date or setting button and set an 

Warm your holiday season up with this Christmas Clock A! 

When the alarm goes off, the color of the snowman's face changes with the sound
playing background.

For iPod Touch users, alarm sound only plays through speakers and headphones.

Options to show/hide seconds, clockticking sound, date or setting button
Large and easy to read time display 
Options to change BG-image
Turns off auto-lock to prevent the iPhone/iPod Touch sleeping whilst it's 

Alarm system in this application only operates whilst it's running.
We appreciate all of your reviews. 

What's New In This Version:
Newly upgraded vibrating alarm system for iPhone users 
12 new alarm sounds
Light DIM mode 
A collection of the best beloved Christmas Carols 
(Carols will be played when touching the snowman's face.) 
Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update