Application Description:
Try a hilarious, superfun-creative and a stress-free Bug Busters Game!
This time, PLAYRUN gladly presents you a Bug Busters game with high quality images
- very horribly realistic bugs climing across the screen!
Zap, zap, zap! Zap bugs and bonus items on the screen.
You can save up to maximim of 3 bonus items and use them while catching the bugs.
Use items wisely so that you can kill all the bugs in a short period of time.
Try to zip-zap the bugs continuously, it'll let you earn increased combo score.
There are more than 5 items appearing with bugs:
Items that double up bug catch power, freeze Bugs, cover up bugs to be invisible,
speed up bugs, and fill up the life gauge.
Remember if you let bugs run across the top line and consume the food,
your life gauge will be reduced automatically.
Don't miss anything out! Bugs are in the palm of your hand - zap'em catch as catch can!
We appreciate all of your reviews.

What's New In This Version:
Upgraded difficulty level.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update