Application Description:

BlockExit2 is a sliding puzzle anyone can enjoy.
Inspired by Hua Rong Dao, one of the most famous classic puzzles,
PLAYRUN BlockExit2 offers you 7,200 challenging puzzles in total with upgraded graphics and sound effects.

Please note that one puzzle offers 8 different maps in a random order (Find out by tapping on Reset!).
So, any player can enjoy max to 57,600 different puzzles in total.
The objective of this game is to get the marked block out through the exit gate in a 6x6 puzzle board. In order to solve each puzzle, you need to clear the blocked path by sliding other blocks back and forth. How fast you can clear the path is a key to win.

This brain teaser puzzle, BlockExit2 provides you various options to boost up the excitement.
Before starting the game, go to settings and select a type of blocks, difficulty level, sound effect, and puzzle board to your preference.
We offer 5 different difficulty levels with 1,440 puzzles in each level and 8 different dynamic blocks to choose and play.

You can touch and drag the blocks to move up and down.
Every block can neither be moved nor be rotated in all 4 directions.
You can only move them either up and down, or right and left.
Make selections before starting the game -
choose a difficulty level, stage, block type by your taste.
All set to go:
Take the arrow marked block out of the crowded area and move up to the next stage.
Try to get to the highest level in the least amount of time,
and compete against friend and family!

Have fun playing PLAYRUN's BlockExit2!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch